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    For handling quality, cotton rope is hard to beat. It is soft and pliable and easy on the hands making it extremely comfortable to handle.
    Cotton Rope is Stretchy and relatively flexible (as compared with Jute, Manila, Sisal). However, being a natural fibre, it does not have the strength or durability of synthetic ropes. It is also non-resistant to oil, water, or other chemicals.
    Cotton ropes are 100% biodegradable making them an environment-friendly alternative to synthetic ropes.
    Made from highest quality fine thread cotton in 3/4 strand specification, our cotton rope comes in a natural (unbleached) white colour and is available in soft, medium as well as hard twist (lay) in both Z and S directions.

Cotton Ropes In Assorted Sizes
    Sizes range from 4mm to 37 mm (1.5 inch) diameter. The larger sizes i.e. 32-37mm are commonly known as "elephant ropes".

Cotton Rope 1.5
    Applications range from Tug of War rope, tents, hammocks, decorative work and construction.
Cotton Rope Hammock


    One of the most readily available fibres, Jute is also the most economical to use. Jute ropes are easy to handle, hold knots securely and are an ideal choice when strength if not the primary requirement.
    Jute is natural, bio- degradable, eco-friendly, versatile and re-useable. Although its breaking strength is about 20% less than that of Manila, its limited stretch capacity and resistance to heat makes jute rope durable and long lasting. It is however, prone to damage from moisture and must be stored dry to avoid mildew.
    Our jute ropes are made from organic natural jute fibre to in 3 and 4 strand in Z and S twist directions.

Jute Rope Coil
    Sizes ranging from 4mm to 37 mm (1.5 inch)
    Jute rope is mostly used in steel wire rope, transportation industry and packing; it also has a variety of home and garden applications.


    Nylon is the strongest and most elastic of synthetic fibre ropes. Due to its elasticity, nylon can absorb sudden shock loads that would break ropes made from other fibres.
    It is the easiest to handle and has very good resistance to abrasion. Nylon rope is over twice the strength of manila rope and will last four to five times longer than natural fibre ropes.
    Nylon rope is good at absorbing shock loads due to its high elasticity. A characteristic called memory allows it to return to its original shape. Its extreme resistance to abrasion and damage by oil, gasoline, grease, marine growth, sunlight and water (retains its high strength even when wet) means it is virtually rot proof.
    Made from one of the highest strength fibres in our repertoire, ours is one of the highest quality Nylon ropes available. Nylon is the strongest of our common-use ropes as it combines the strength and flexibility of synthetic fibres along with the ease of use that comes with natural fibres.

Nylon Rope Coil
    Sizes range from 4mm-37mm diameter.
    Nylon rope is mostly used in marine applications such as mooring lines, towing slings as well as commercial fishing, utility rope and a variety of industrial applications such as safety lines and industrial slings.


    Although not as strong as nylon, P.P. or "poly" rope has nearly twice the strength of manila rope, size to size.
    P.P rope is actually stronger in wet weather than dry and retains its shape when stretched, bent or flexed.
    It is rot proof and is resistant to acid, alkali and all chemicals such oil, gasoline, grease, mildew and marine growth. However when not in use, it is better to store it away from direct sun-rays.
    Due to its durability and abrasion resistance, it is an ideal general purpose rope that is used in many different ways.
    Our PP rope comes in a plain yellow colour as well as yellow with black stripe in sizes ranging from 4mm-37mm diameter.

Polypropylene Rope In Sizes Ranging From 1mm-30mm
    Recommended uses include mooring, dock and anchor line, boat life-line, tarpaulin, tent tiedown, pool barrier line, builders line, public utility and general use in home, farm and industry.

High Density Polyethylene

    Polyethylene also floats but is slightly heavier than polypropylene rope. HDPE rope is made from high grade 100% virgin polymers and comes in a variety of colours and sizes.
    It is highly durable due to good tensile (breaking) strength which is unchangeable in dry or wet weather. Also has strong resistance to most chemicals.
    However, due to lower UV resistance (as compared to nylon) its texture roughens with constant use over time and with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    Due to high strength and durability, this type of rope is widely used for fishing, maritime, naval as well as industrial applications.
    Our HDPE Rope Rope comes in coils measuring anywhere between 40 and 200 yards as well as in hanks for smaller lengths.

Polyethylene Rope Coils In Assorted Colors & Sizes

GJ Ropes
    Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange colours; Sizes range from 4mm-37mm.

Other Fibers

    Manila and Sisal Rope: are made from outstanding vegetable fibres and is actually stronger when wet. A cordage oil is applied to the fibres when the yarns are being made. This retards water absorption and lubricates for greatly reduced internal friction.
    If wet while in use, the rope should be thoroughly dried before storing. To be stored always in a cool dry area. Acid and alkali resistance is very poor and exposure should be avoided.

Manila Rope

    Highest strength natural fibre made from tested imported yarn. The only drawback is that it shrinks about 10-15% when wet. Manila is an ideal general use rope as it is easy to handle and knots well.
    It is commonly used in Exercise climbing, arts/crafts, landscaping/outdoor decoration, rope swings and general purpose farm work
GJ Ropes
    Available in sizes ranging from 6mm-50mm i.e. 2" diameter

Sisal Rope

    Made from natural fibres of the agave sisalana plant, Sisal has been the leading material for agricultural twine (binder twine and baler twine) because of its strength, durability, ability to stretch, affinity for certain dyestuffs, and resistance to deterioration in saltwater.
    Sisal rope offers superior gripping and knotting ability compared to other ropes. It is perfect for use where extreme strength is not a major requirement and resists some degree of stretching. This makes it an ideal choice for garden use and for decorative purposes.
GJ Ropes
    Sisal is a rope that is used primarily where strength and durability are not an essential requirement. Sisal is a natural fibre that deteriorates rapidly when exposed to weather.

Other Fibers

    Silk, Hemp ropes etc are made to order